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Everything Blockchain TeamAug 11, 2023 5:05:54 AM3 min read

Embracing the Future of Data Storage with BuildDB

As we navigate through the digital age, the importance of data management cannot be overstated. Businesses today rely heavily on databases to store, modify, search, and sort data. However, with the ever-increasing volume of data and rising security concerns, traditional databases are falling short. This is where BuildDB, a next-generation database powered by private blockchain architecture comes into play. 

Understanding the Need for a New Generation Database 

Traditional databases, regardless of how advanced they may seem, are not fulfilling their potential at an enterprise level. They struggle to deliver in areas such as speed, security, resilience, and cost-effectiveness. 

This is especially true in the era of Web3, where data volumes are expanding exponentially, and the demand for secure data management platforms is at an all-time high. Recognizing these shortfalls, Everything Blockchain, Inc., has introduced BuildDB, a disruptive solution aimed at transforming data management. 

Unpacking BuildDB: A Combination of SQL, NoSQL, and Blockchain 

BuildDB brings together the best of three worlds: 

  • The data consistency and retrievability of relational (SQL) databases 
  • The flexibility and performance of document databases (NoSQL) 
  • The immutability and security of blockchain 


This unique amalgamation results in a high-performing, secure, and resilient database system that caters to the needs of businesses dealing with large datasets. 

BuildDB's Event-Actor Architecture 

At the heart of BuildDB lies a highly scalable "event-actor" architecture, allowing for a large number of virtual units of compute on standard hardware. This leads to a highly distributed and performant solution that is cost-effective compared to other solutions. In fact, customers have reported savings of up to 40% compared to competitive solutions. 

Advantages of BuildDB 

BuildDB offers numerous advantages over traditional databases: 

  • Performance: BuildDB boasts single millisecond query speeds, making it a highly efficient solution. 
  • Cost-Effectiveness: By alleviating the need for indexes, BuildDB significantly reduces cloud storage costs. 
  • Resilience: BuildDB's unique architecture is self-healing and ransomware resistant, ensuring data availability and integrity. 
  • Security: BuildDB incorporates a zero-trust approach to data security, providing unparalleled protection. 
  • Efficiency: As a fully managed service, BuildDB eliminates the need for continuous tuning and management. 

Distinguishing Features: Private, Permissioned, and Highly Secure 

While typical blockchain architectures are public and permissionless, BuildDB stands out with its private, permissioned, and highly secure model. It leverages AI to reduce data retrieval times and supports advanced functions like query and filter functions, setting it apart from its competitors. 

BuildDB vs. Traditional Data Storage Solutions 

BuildDB is redefining the way businesses handle data storage. It is currently displacing traditional storage solutions like AWS DynamoDB, Azure CosmosDB, Redis, MongoDB, and Couchbase. 

Addressing Performance, Security, and Cost Concerns 

Adopting BuildDB can lead to significant cost savings. In one instance, a customer saved more than $9M a year. Given the rising costs of cloud storage, BuildDB offers a fiscally sustainable option. 

As businesses generate and consume larger datasets, they face challenges related to performance/latency, security, and costs. BuildDB addresses each of these issues effectively, offering up to 10x faster query speeds on comparable cluster configurations. Its blockchain and zero-trust based approach ensure a secure and resilient environment for data storage and management. Furthermore, BuildDB has a much lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than other solutions, making it an affordable choice. 

The Future of Database Management Systems 

The database management systems market has witnessed an unprecedented growth, with enterprises spending billions of dollars annually. With cloud databases now contributing to a significant portion of all database revenue, the need for cost-effective, secure, and efficient data management platforms is more pressing than ever. BuildDB, with its blockchain-fueled architecture, is poised to disrupt this space, offering businesses a novel way to store, manage, and protect data.